Restaurant Server Tips And Tricks

Restaurant Server Tips And Tricks – When you’re a server or bartender trying to collect some tips, it’s in your best interest that customers drink more, eat more, and really enjoy their time at your table. All of these things add up to a bigger tip in your pocket — and smart servers have learned to play such a subtle game that most diners don’t realize it’s happening.

Through underhanded waiter tricks that play on our psychology, restaurant servers encourage us to buy more expensive drinks and dishes or be a little more generous with the tip than we would normally have.

Restaurant Server Tips And Tricks

Restaurant Server Tips And Tricks

It can help you recognize when you’re playing, or just make you feel a little less special when your server gives you an extra mint after dinner.

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Here are 17 things to note about your server the next time you eat out. And for more, don’t miss these 15 classic American desserts that deserve a comeback.

“If someone orders a Long Island Iced Tea, I ask, ‘Do you want the top shelf or …’ and look at it without flinching,” she says. He estimates that nine out of 10 customers order top shelf alcoholic drinks. staring long enough.

“No matter how busy I was, I always tried to pretend I wasn’t busy,” says Quora user Zoie Shook, who once worked at Olive Garden. She always wanted her tables to feel like they had her attention. “Whether it’s bringing another glass of water or pop before they finish their current one, or taking the time to talk to them, the tables I’ve taken the time with have always appreciated it and showed it generously in their advice.”

Every server knows that an unhappy customer means bad news for their tips. But there is an easy solution to most complaints: free food. Quora user Gabriela Martinez, who works at a Mexican restaurant, says, “There were certain foods that cost the restaurant next to nothing, like our toilet paper towels. Throw these out to make a customer disgusted to feel special was something we did to do. give the impression that we were giving more than we really were.” It’s one of the easiest waiter tricks in the book.

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And for more things to watch out for, be aware of these 20 sneaky ways restaurants make you eat more food and spend more money.

The next time you eat out, pay attention to how your server speaks. Instead of telling a customer how much extra money something would cost, Martinez “simply asks, ‘Do you want to add cheese?’ for example or sour cream. This means that it is an add-on without making people think about the price. Just in case anyone hesitated, I added “it’s only 50 cents more”.

Here’s a sneaky one: “Make an expensive, colorful cocktail and just put it on a table and walk around the restaurant a few times,” says Quora user Alison Bourke, who worked at the Sheraton hotel. “People can be very ‘see one, want one’ with things like that.” Of all the server cheats, one of his bosses swore by this trick and said it was very successful.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

Restaurant Server Tips And Tricks

“As a server, anything I can do to get the customer to interact with me as a person increases my bottom line,” says Quora user Adrienne Flowers. However, this does not mean that one is uncomfortably fake. “It’s as simple as wearing glitter eyeshadow so they look me in the eye, or dropping my pencil when I take their order, or bringing two drinks because they tell me I forgot who they ordered, or “accidentally” saying something of fun

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The trick is to get noticed once, first, and then fade into the background. “A nameless waiter who runs a flawless table gets 20%. A real person who fumbles with his pen and then runs a flawless table gets 25%,” he says.

“If someone asks for coffee, make sure you say you’re going to put on a fresh pot, so it takes a minute,” says Quora user Carl Johnson. The truth is that most of the time, the coffee is already made, but the little white lie buys you time. However, be sure to pay attention to these 21 ways that you are annoying your server and you don’t know it.

Quora User Jackie Thornton remembers that she was taught to be the “cheerleader” when she suggested expensive food or upgrades. “If the customer orders a vodka and cranberry, will you say ‘Grey Goose vodka and cranberry?’ while you lower your head a little and smile, she says. Usually, the customer would say yes or at least choose another spirit from the top shelf. “So, after the main course, you say, ‘Wouldn’t a heavenly Crème brûlée top off the meal perfectly?'” Again, he nods slightly and smiles.

Here’s one you’ll probably recognize: “People will love it when you go the extra mile to accommodate them, like asking if they’re celebrating, or have plans later, asking if they’ve been to the restaurant before, asking if they’ve had. some questions about the menu,” said Reddit user Samanthugalicious. They go out of their way to make sure the customer has a good time leading to high tips.

Tricks Restaurant Servers Are Using To Get You To Tip Better

Of the many waiter tricks, a quick tip is to pretend you don’t know what you’re doing. “You get better advice if you say, ‘I’m new, so you can bear with me,'” said one Reddit user. “The manager who trained me told me this and also encouraged us to continue to do. as much as we want. He had a girlfriend that he did for two years. That way you look like a badass because you’ve set the expectation that you can suck. So they think you’re a rock star even if you’re mediocre. “Sneaky.

Knowledge is power, right? And when you’re a server, it can also translate into better tips. “People will give you more money if you’re knowledgeable because it makes you useful. And they’ll always give you money if you look knowledgeable,” said Reddit user tykit2RIDE.

Yes, they also suggest faking it until you make it. “Knowledge of your wines is a big step, but most of your customers don’t know the first thing. So, until you brush up on your wine knowledge, just learn some basic buzzwords (light , dry, sweet, full-bodied) and people. will believe you.” Of course, people who know their wines will see right through that charade.

Restaurant Server Tips And Tricks

Good servers drop everything and take drink orders, no matter how busy they are. “When you have a table and they’re busy, let everyone else go and take their drink order,” says Reddit user Jericho. “Waiting 20 minutes to order a drink is much more acceptable than waiting 5 minutes to even be noticed.”

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You know that desperate feeling of looking good in front of your friends? Some servers take advantage of this. “If people split the check, just use a check presenter when you go back with the credit cards,” suggests Reddit user OrangeAppeal. “Some people will drink more to avoid appearing cheap to their friends.”

“Don’t wear jewelry or expensive watches,” one Reddit user said of the servers and dress code. “I knew a guy who wore a real Rolex that he got as a graduation present. Bad move.” Another Reddit user claimed that an informal poll of pizza delivery tips versus delivery truck kindness showed that driving a beat-up car almost always resulted in significantly higher tips.

If a server ever made you feel extra special, don’t let your head get too big. They probably do that for all their tables. It’s one of the easiest server tricks to do with mint after dinner. “At the end of the night, if you leave mints on the table, give them the normal amount of mints, walk away for a second (or so you think) and then give them some mints,” says the Reddit user. ADillPickle. “They’ll think you’re doing them a favor by treating them extra special.”

And for more ways to save while dining out, here are 18 ways to lower your restaurant bill, straight from the employees.

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“A friend of mine in [high school] took a piece of cake and cut it into about 5 pieces at the beginning of his shift. Then he passed the five slices of cake to different tables during the night and said, ” This is part of a complete dessert, and you are a good table that I thought I would not let it be lost. Enjoy.” He swore his advice was always good from those tables,” says Reddit user Evolatic. It is likely that the cake was just one of the many tricks of the waiters to make the customers feel special and take away the wallet.

Most of the time, diners are too full to even consider dessert when a waiter offers the menu. But clever servers well versed in waiter tricks would have planted the idea of ​​dessert at the beginning of the night. “When you first speak at a party, you say

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