Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations – A business presentation is a purpose-driven summary of key information about your company’s plans, products, or methods, designed for an internal or external audience. Project proposals, HR policy presentations, investor briefings are some of the most common types of presentations.

Impressive business presentations are essential in communicating important ideas, persuading others, and introducing new offerings to the world. Hence, why business presentation design is one of the most universal skills for any professional.

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

This guide will teach you how to design and deliver effective business presentations. Also, it analyzes some best practices from business presentation examples of famous companies like Google, Pinterest and Amazon!

Tips For More Effective Meetings

A business reference can be given for a number of reasons. As such, they differ greatly in terms of content and purpose.

As the name suggests, the purpose of an informative presentation is to identify the skills you have – describe what you know. It is the most common form of business presentation. So you’ve probably prepared at least a couple of times like that.

The goal of this type of presentation is to convince your audience of your point of view – to convince them that you are right. Creating these types of business presentations requires more writing skills and expertise in public speaking. Unlike a business news presentation, your goal is to influence the audience’s opinion and direct them toward a desired action.

This type of business PowerPoint presentation is intended to facilitate decision making – explain how we can do something. The primary objective here is to communicate an overall “plan of action”. Then break down the next steps to bring it to life.

How To Give An Effective Business Presentation

Generally, the content of your business presentation will vary depending on its purpose and type. However, at a minimum, all business presentations should include:

We’ll expand on business presentation design and document best practices in the next section (plus, provide several actionable business PowerPoint presentation examples!).

A business presentation has two parts – the slide deck and the oral presentation. In this section, we provide tips and tricks for designing your deck.

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

The first slides of your presentation will make or break your success. Why? If you fail to create a narrative and set the scene for the audience from the beginning, you will struggle to maintain their interest throughout the presentation.

Powerpoint Slide Design: 7 Tips To Improve Your Presentations

Most business presentation examples you’ll see start with a simple slide with information such as an agenda, problem statement, or company introduction. That is the “classic” method.

To manage audience expectations and prepare them for what’s next, you can open your presentation with one or two slides:

A good starter for: Formal business presentations such as annual reports and support presentations to your business team/stakeholders.

Have you ever noticed that most TED talks start with a quick personal story? The advantage of this presentation technique is that it allows speakers to establish a quick rapport and hold the listener’s attention.

Entrepreneur Business Advice Ppt Powerpoint Presentation Ideas Graphic Tips Cpb

You know, what’s this, what’s going on. And then you have to compare it with what could be. You need to make that distance as large as possible, because there is this commonality, and you need to match it with the length of your imagination.

Storytelling, like any medium, helps bring the audience into perspective and focus on the topic you want to discuss. Stories also evoke emotions, which are great allies when making persuasive presentations. In the article How to start a presentation, we explore this in more detail.

Another common technique is to open your presentation with a key statement, sometimes of a controversial nature. It can be a shocking statistical question, a rhetorical complex or a provocative statement, challenging the audience’s beliefs.

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

Using a dramatic opening helps keep people’s attention and capture their interest. Then you can use storytelling to illustrate your main ideas.

How To Make A Powerpoint Presentation?

If you’re an experienced public speaker, you can enhance your speech with some unexpected actions. What does Bill Gates do when giving presentations? At a current 2009 TED talk on malaria, mid-presentation Gates suddenly revealed that he had brought a bunch of mosquitoes with him. To the amazement of the audience, he opens a jar of malaria-free people. His wonderful deeds, combined with passionate speech, were very impressive.

In fact, using professional PowerPoint templates already helps a lot in the design of the presentation deck because you don’t have to argue about slide layout, font selection or icons.

However, you need to customize your templates to make them on brand and suitable for the presentation you are going to deliver. Below are our top presentation design tips to give your deck more oomph.

If you’ve ever watched Steve Jobs’ presentations, you may have noticed that he never used bullet points. Weird right? Because using tips is a universal tip in presentation design.

How To Give A Killer Presentation

But there is a valid scientific reason for Jobs preferring images over text. Researchers have found that information presented in pictures is better retained than words alone. This is called the “image quality effect”. As John Medina, a molecular biologist, further explained:

“Listen to a news story, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%.

So if your goal is to improve the memorability of your presentation, always replace text with images and visuals.

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

Despite its value, a long PowerPoint presentation can sometimes become boring. People lose focus and stop retaining information. So, always take extra time to cut lines and incorporate recurring ideas into your presentation.

Powerpoint Presentation Tips For Good Ppt Slides In 2022

For example, new management consultants at McKinsey are trained to reduce the number of slides in client presentations. In fact, one senior partner insists on replacing every 20 slides with just two slides. Doing so encourages you to focus on the substance – the main ideas of the business presentation you need to communicate – and skip the filler information.

In a solid business presentation, each slide feels like part of a coherent story. To achieve such consistency use the same visual style and keep the same key message throughout your presentation.

Use typography, color scheme and visual styles in the deck. But when you need to emphasize a transition to a new topic (such as from setup to expressing main ideas), add a new visual element to signal a slight change in narrative.

We remember very well the information shared last time. So make those business presentation gifts stick in the memory of the audience. We have three strategies for that.

Expert Tips For Giving A Powerful Business Presentation

The Law of Threes is a literary concept that suggests that we remember and like ideas and concepts better when they are presented in threes.

The rule of three works because the maximum number of things most people remember on their first try is three. As such, such pairs form short, familiar patterns that are easy for our brains to remember.

Another popular way to close a presentation is to “close the point” – go back to the beginning of your story and emphasize your main idea (headline) with a takeaway.

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

Doing so will help the audience retain your main message at least twice. Additionally, it creates a sense of closure – a great state our brains love. Also, a short one-line closure is more memorable than a long summary and therefore better retained.

The 10 Best Presentation Fonts To Transform Your Next Powerpoint

If you want to continue the conversation after you finish the presentation, you can conclude your presentation with a general question that you want the audience to answer.

Alternatively, you can encourage participants to ask questions. The latter is more suitable for news presentations where you want to discuss some points and get quick feedback.

Now that we’ve given you the general knowledge of how to make a presentation for business, let’s see how other presenters approach the task and what lessons you can take from them.

This is a great example of a business voice presentation that touches on all the best practices. The deck opens with the big shocker that most millennials would rather go to the dentist than walk into a bank branch.

Presentation Design Principles For Better Powerpoint Design

It then goes on to discuss the company’s top solution – a fully digital bank with a paperless account opening process, done in 8 minutes. After communicating the product’s key features and value proposition, the deck describes what the product stands for. Achieved so far using data visualizations. The only thing lacking is a solid call to action to close the slide, as the current ending feels abrupt.

For the Series D round, WeWork went with a formal business presentation. It starts by providing a general description of the company and then transitions to explain their business model, current market situation and the company’s position in the market.

The best thing about this deck is that they quantify their business growth prospects and value proposition. Potential profits for investors are expressed in concrete numbers. However, the charts go one after the other in a row, so it is difficult to collect all the data points.

Powerpoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations

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Revamp Your Presentations Using Color Psychology

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