Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks

Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks – This blog shares 12 useful tips for Dynamics 365 Business Central based on some popular practices. From how to use personalization to editing newsletters, we’ll cover some helpful tips. There is also a post on these tips and tricks at the end of this blog.

Users can customize and customize how Dynamics 365 Business Central looks. There are fields that are hidden and shown by default. With customization, you can add fields, hide fields, move fields, or disable panels. There are standard fields that are sometimes not displayed on the page, but through customization you can add the fields as you need.

Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks

Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks

On a map page, for example, an alternative to removing or hiding a field like a contact’s name is to make it a visible field, but only when “multiple selection” is selected instead of “always show”.

Dynamics 365 Business Central E Commerce

“Always Show” means it will always show by default, and “Show More” means it will only show when “Show More” is clicked. Show more and show less are selected when on the same page. The fields will disappear when “Show less” is selected. This partially hides the field. If, for example, you don’t need to see it right away, but you want to choose to see it on the page.

The “Show more” or “Always show” option will appear when you click the red triangle in the box that has that option. This option is not available in all areas in this particular mode.

Yes, you can. If you go to “Profile (job)” through the search bar, the profile will appear in the list. If you’re open to a role, you can turn self-promotion on or off.

Yes, you can select a role and post a permanent comment on the role. When you are in the “Profile (Role)” section for a specific role, click “Edit Page” and it will take you to the profile page where you can select a user profile.

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In the image below you will see on the left side of the custom column it says “Customize Accounting Manager” which shows the role we are working on.

Click ‘Done’ once you have finished configuring the role. A window will appear stating that the selection is complete. You can now close the window and return to another browser tab with Business Central.

You can restrict certain users from adding, removing, or modifying certain fields using permissions. In Business Central, restrictions are made through permissions or user groups. Go to the Users tab and select the user you want to edit. User groups can have multiple users, and you can restrict access to certain people or groups. For example, if you want to limit the ability of a group of accountants to view inventory, you can do it as a group or you can do it individually.

Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks

To change the column, follow the steps mentioned above to customize the persona. Go to Toolbar and click Settings. Then click on the “+ box” above the “Personalization” column and add the desired column to the area you are in.

Business Central Sign In

You can change companies from the list of companies. Select the company you want to switch to and click “Ok”, then “Ok” again, which will refresh Business Central. In my example below, I changed from ‘CRONUS Canada, Inc.’ Change “My Company”.

When it starts, it exits and creates a new company. When you return to Business Central, you will be in the company of your choice.

The ability to access multiple companies simultaneously is a valuable feature of Business Central. By using multiple browsers you will be able to display several companies at the same time.

Open two separate browsers with Business Central. Both tabs will take you back to the company you’re currently logged into. In one of the tabs in Business Central, you’ll want to edit the company. Go to “My Settings” and select another company you want to work with and you will be able to work for both companies using different tables.

Improve Project Planning With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The ability to filter and save views is standard in Business Central. You can navigate to the search box, or to a specific area you want to search for, such as customers.

In my example, in the users area I already have views saved in the list. To change an existing name, click the three dots next to the displayed name and select “Change Name”. Another option available when clicking on the three dots is ‘Save As’, which will accept the settings to search and save under a different name.

You will now be able to click on a name and type a new name. Then press tab or click anywhere outside the name and it will save the changes.

Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks

With saved views and filters, you can show different pages in the list. There are three different things you can have on your list depending on your preference – list, longboards or tiles.

Customer Deposits And How To Apply Payments To Invoices In Business Central

For example, using calculated objects, I show what lists, tiles, and tiles look like.

The quick search function searches all fields in the list. For example, in the customer area, if I type “trey”, then I can search and it will come up with the Customer Trey Survey.

In the client area I can go to “Filter” and click “+Filter”. Then select the filter used as the balance, which should be the local currency.

If I want all customers with a balance greater than zero, I can enter a greater than zero mark.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

This will go through the list of users and fetch all users with a balance greater than zero in their local currency. In my example, I have three clients with the correct balance.

If you want, you can save the filter as a view by going to “Save As” and typing a name like “Customers with outstanding balances”. Then press Enter and it will reset the field and show you how to save it.

This section provides tips and tricks to help users import data into Dynamics 365 Business Central and explains several ways to find data.

Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks

There are several ways to enter dates into fields in Business Central. Here are three examples of how to enter dates:

Modifying The Sales Invoice Format In Dynamics 365 Business Central

For example, I want to change the delivery date in a new sales invoice. If I want to change the posting date, I can dial 0207 and save the information as 2/7/2021. Another thing I can do is type ‘t’ which stands for ‘today (system date)’ which will change the date to 2/9/2021 (which is the current system date).

In terms of entering information in multiple fields, I will share two examples of shortcuts. For example, you can go into things and let’s say I want to order 50 things, but I don’t want to type 50, I can do 10*5 and the system will do the math for me. I can also halve the amount by typing 50/2, which divides 50 by 2 to get 25, as shown below.

These shortcuts can be very helpful for data entry in terms of filtering and saving ideas and searching and entering data.

In a customer card in Business Central, for example, we can attach text and files from a list page or customer card.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Outage February 7, 2023 Utc

If I want to save a note to the list page, I can click the “+” next to the notes and a window will appear where you can enter your notes.

Click OK when you’re done writing the entry and it will be saved with the username, date and text.

In my example, I’m on a customer card and it currently shows that we have zero attachments. I can click ‘0’ because it’s a floating field, basically a blue field with a line and it takes you to another table in the system.

Microsoft Business Central Tips And Tricks

A window will open, click the “Choose file” button and click “Select”. This will open a File Explorer window where I can select any type of file, such as a PDF, image or Excel file.

Business Central Tutorials From Business Central Hq

In my example I am loading an Excel file. After uploading a file, you can see the file extension, file type, user who attached and when it was attached. The box on the right allows you to choose whether or not you want the attachment on sale. This means that the attachment can come from the sales invoice and the main line of goods sold.

After reviewing the attachment details, you can optionally view the document until the attachment is completed. Click ‘Preview’ in the top bar and download the file for preview.

Once you’re done reviewing the attachment and its details, click Close and it will add the attachment. Now

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