Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

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Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

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Sharing a folder in Google Drive only takes a few clicks to know where to look. 10,000 hours/Getty Images

These days, Google has apps for everything you need to do online, including sharing documents, files, and folders.

You can upload most types of files—including images, audio, and video—to Google Drive, Google’s file hosting service.

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Google Drive folder sharing makes it easy to collaborate with friends, colleagues, or classmates on projects and send all related data organized in one place.

Quick tip: If you don’t need to upload an entire folder, you can also share a file to Google Drive.

2. On the main page, you will see all the files and folders stored in your Google Drive account. If you already have a Google Drive folder ready to share, skip to step 7.

Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

3. To create a new folder, click the New button in the upper left corner of the screen, under the Google Drive logo.

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4. In the New drop-down menu, click Folder at the top of the list. If you already have a folder on your computer that you want to upload in its entirety, you should select the Upload Folder option from this menu.

5. Enter a name for the folder in the pop-up and click Create. You will then see the newly created folder appear in My Drive – click to open it.

6. From here you can upload files by dragging and dropping them into the window from your computer into the folder, right-clicking on the screen and selecting Upload file, or clicking New and selecting File Upload.

7. Open the folder you want to share. Then, click the folder header at the top of the page, above the list of files in your folder. Click on Share in the drop-down menu.

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8. In the pop-up window, under Sharing with people and groups, you can type the email address of anyone you want to send your folder to.

Make sure you have Edit permission selected – click the Editor drop-down menu and select Viewer, Commenter or Editor. If you want to notify each person individually, click the box next to Notify people, enter a message if desired, and click Send.

Quick tip: If someone is a member of your organization, you can just type in their name and their email address will auto-populate.

Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

If you don’t want to share the folder via email, you can also copy and paste the URL link. Click the Get link in the box below Share with people and groups. The box will expand to show links and editing permissions – make sure to grant access where appropriate.

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Once you’ve changed your credentials, click the Copy link to copy them to your tablet. Paste the link into a text, email, messaging app, or other platform to share your folder.

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How much do you rely on search to find the files and folders you need? I have met many optimists who believe that search is so good that they can find the files they want in seconds. Hope fades after a few years when people accumulate more digital stuff than they can remember. So let me share with you the easiest and most effective way to clean up your files quickly.

I have written about this strategy many times. This works by cleaning up your online storage as well as cleaning up email accounts, local storage, and even paper files like family documents (which you should also digitize). I have been using it faithfully for almost twenty years and it has never failed me.

Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

At the end of my article a few words about what makes this system work. But let me cut to the chase and show you what it is and how to do it.

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First, create a folder and name it “2023” whatever the year is. This folder should be located on the top drive of your system. For example, in Dropbox, put this new folder in the Dropbox folder. In GoogleDrive, put it in My Drive. In OneDrive, set it to My Files.

For this approach, OneDrive is probably the most difficult system to work with, but I have additional tips for OneDrive users that I’ll cover towards the end. Likewise, Google Drive users will find that they need some unique pointers when it comes to cleaning up their shared files. I will also address these points in the following.

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Create a second folder and name it “_Inbox”. Place this new folder like your 2023 folder so it appears side by side. The dash causes the folder to appear at the top of the list when the folder is sorted alphabetically.

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The next step is to identify your active files, that is, files that are opened or worked on at least once a month. Place these files in the _Inbox folder.

Identify other files you’ve been working on this year and move them to the current folder. A clear example is the photo you took in 2023. Select all of them and move them to the 2023 folder.

The reason for doing these steps (sorting the files in the _Inbox and 2023 folders) together is because you’ll find files that don’t fit neatly into these two categories. For example, you may have a digital copy of your tax return after you file your taxes, which should go in the 2023 folder, but you may need to return those files before the end of the year, so put them in your _Inbox. . .

Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

Don’t worry too much, make a decision and don’t think about it. By using this system, the number of file locations has been reduced to two. That is very good.

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The next step is to create some additional year folders like 2022, 2021, 2020, etc.

How far to go? Depending on how many files you have in your online storage system, you might stop after a few years and then create a folder called “2015 and older”. For example, the oldest folder is called “2005-OLDER”.

Don’t call it “older than 2015”. Instead, keep the year at the beginning of the name so that all your folders appear in the same order in alphabetical order.

From this point it is easy to sort all your files by date and move them to the appropriate year folder. Again, if you have files that may be in multiple folders, don’t worry about this. Now just put them in a folder. You can edit it later.

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You can stop here if you want, now your files are at least separated from the annual folder. Or you can arrange a deeper layer with several arrows.

Note that for each subfolder, I also include the year in the name. This is because if you accidentally move the subfolder to the wrong location, it will be immediately visible and easily corrected.

Now all you have to do is move the files to the appropriate subfolders. You can do this step right away or save it for when you have more time. Moving files into small folders is not a big deal, but it depends on how many files you have in one place.

Google Drive Tips And Tricks For Business Professionals

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