General Business Tips

General Business Tips – If you’re looking for advice on how to improve your company’s online advertising, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that up to 95% of 18-34 year olds follow brands through social media? And how often do you use Google or another search engine like Bing or Yahoo to find the products or services you need or want? While some businesses may not benefit from a particular digital marketing technique or platform, it is very rare that a business cannot benefit in any way from a well thought out digital marketing plan.

General Business Tips

General Business Tips

One of the best features is called Ad Extensions. Ad extensions make your ads bigger by providing more information about your business, products/services, etc. that will appear below your ad in search results. Some types of extensions include: location, review, structured snippet, description, report, and sitelinks.

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This article is too short to cover every type of extension and how they work, but we will tell you about our favorite because it works well for almost every type of business. Sitelink extensions allow you to add links to different pages of your website at the bottom of your Google ad. You can direct traffic to specific product or service pages that interest them, or you can even display a special promotion or call to action.

The best thing about these features is that they are free to add and very easy to start. In fact, properly configuring your AdWords account involves using extensions correctly. So don’t try to abuse or misuse ad extensions because Google won’t approve your extensions to run if you don’t follow the guidelines.

Shameless Self-Promotion: We are a Google partner and offer PPC management services. If you’re not seeing results from your PPC campaigns (or if you’re not sure what you’re seeing), contact us for a free account review.

For those of you who don’t know, “negative keywords” are search terms that you don’t want your ads to appear on. Simply put; they are keywords that are a waste of time and money.

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Here’s a good example of how negative keywords can be used to optimize online ad performance:  A private air charter company runs ads for the term “aircraft rental” so that its ads appear when people search for that keyword. However, the company does not offer “free” or “cheap” private charter flights, so they add the words “free” and “cheap” to the negative keywords. This tells Google Adwords not to show its ads when people type in “cheap jet charter”. Without adding these negative keywords, their ads could be showing to the wrong audience and therefore the company could be wasting money driving the wrong traffic to their website.

So if you use loose or phrase keywords in your AdWords account, make sure you have a list of negative keywords. If you have an exact match, you don’t need to use this technique because your ads will only show for the exact search terms you entered.

Every ad should always have a clear call to action. What we mean by this is that you need to effectively communicate to your potential customers the next step you want them to take. For example:

General Business Tips

Many beginners get this wrong for some reason, but let’s take a closer look to understand the importance of including calls to action in your ads. Here is an ad for a local company that polishes concrete floors:

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Of course, we’ll run both ads at the same time to see which one performs better, but we’ve rarely seen ads with no CTAs outperform ads that don’t have a simple, direct CTA. You simply tell the searcher to take an action, and this best practice leads to more conversions.

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re looking to grow your business with internet marketing. If so, we are sure you will be interested in our other blog posts. In our blog, we discuss everything from building an online audience to creating successful social media marketing campaigns.

Managing your own PPC, trying to keep your website updated and learning how each social platform works while measuring the effectiveness of each campaign can be frustrating. Sometimes the best use of your focus is doing what you do best, your business. And letting a digital marketing professional manage your online marketing can be a better use of your time and money. If you’re not sure, get a totally free internet marketing evaluation (which includes actions you can use yourself).

Alternatively, feel free to reach out and contact us about anything related to online marketing. We are always happy to help. Talk to you soon! As cybercrime continues to grow, it is increasingly important to learn proper cyber security methods. Many businesses use the Internet to store private information. Small businesses often suffer because they don’t have the know-how or resources to implement great cybersecurity. Check out these great cybersecurity tips for small businesses to keep you and your employees safe. Looking for ways to keep your personal and business information safe? For more information, contact the experts today!

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“He was efficient and professional.” My documents have been safely and properly disposed of. Not only would I continue to use them, I would recommend them to anyone.

Small businesses are at greater risk of cybercrime – but why? Small businesses are an easier source of personal information than credit card numbers. They are more readily available due to often old computers and software. Small business owners and employees also often lack cybersecurity training and can make risky mistakes.

Small businesses may be using or forgetting to enforce weak passwords or not knowing how to follow proper internet security practices – because proper training has been neglected. Small businesses also do not have the same financial resources as larger businesses. Cybersecurity is often shelved until more resources arrive. While small business owners want this extra security, sometimes it’s difficult or impossible to achieve the same level of security as a larger business due to a smaller budget. Click here to learn more about data breaches and cybersecurity for small businesses!

General Business Tips

Did you know that the global cost of ransomware damage is expected to exceed $5 billion by the end of 2017? Many are unaware of the global impact of ransomware and other cybercrime, but costs continue to rise – and many companies continue to lose money. In 2011, 40% of cybercrime attacks targeted small and medium-sized businesses. In May 2017, The Financial Post reported that cyber attacks on Canadian companies were also on the rise. In Canada, the most widespread form of cybercrime, as reported by Statistics Canada in 2012, is fraud. These alarming statistics make it more important than ever to keep your small business safe.

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No matter how you choose to back up your data, remember to always do it! You can choose to store your data in the cloud or send it off-site to a records management device. Backing up your data will save you serious headaches in the event of a security breach.

What should you return? CompuData recommends that small business owners back up word processing documents, all spreadsheets, HR documents and files, databases, and any other documents that contain important data. Click here to learn more about how to help keep your important documents safe!

Unfortunately, employees are often responsible for cyber attacks on their companies. This is usually due to a lack of training and understanding of cyber security. For example, according to the Optus Business Insights blog, security managers have employees share private passwords with colleagues 43% of the time and log into unsecured WiFi networks 53% of the time.

The first step to securing your business is to engage all of your employees in better cybersecurity practices. There are many different ways to implement these practices in your workplace. You can decide to hold an all-day training session or encourage employees to change their passwords every few months. You can put up posters as a reminder and even create a cybersecurity policy for employees to follow.

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All of these methods may seem pointless at first, but building a great security mindset can help your company become the next cybercrime statistic.

A strong password can mean the difference between a hacked computer and a secure company. Passwords are a big deal. Using a simple password leaves your valuable company and employee information vulnerable. Managers should encourage all employees to use complex passwords and change them frequently.

If you feel like creating long, complex passwords that may cause your employees more harm than good, consider using password management software, as discussed on Information Security Buzz. Business owners can easily install password managers that not only create strong and secure passwords for you, but also remember them. However, if you keep all your passwords in one database, you can leave yourself vulnerable. It is important to look at all the pros and cons of each method and ensure you choose a secure and reliable password manager

General Business Tips

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