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Good Glamm Group co-founder Priyanka Gill, Mamaearth co-founder Ghazal Alagh, LEAD co-founder Smita Deorah, Nykaa co-founder Adwaita Nayar and Pristyn Care co-founder Dr Garima Sawhney are among the top companies in India .

Finance Business Ideas In Telugu

Finance Business Ideas In Telugu

All social justice movements that aim to empower historically marginalized groups, including women, fulfill two sacrosanct schemes: representation and promotion. ‘Women’s Boat Day’, which is celebrated worldwide on November 19 every year, is no exception.

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Although the history of women contributing to the global economy as innovators is a story as old as time, the story of this special day is very recent and thanks to the recognition by the United Nations of the work of WEDO, non-profit organization. . which works to ignite a “network of women leaders, innovators and s” to drive economic expansion, raise awareness of the 250 million women living in poverty and the 4 billion women living has inspired the planet.

“A day like Women’s Boating Day is definitely a great idea because it focuses attention on the wonderful work that women are doing as well as encouraging and encouraging other women to go on go ahead and start their own businesses”, says Priyanka Gill, co-founder, Glam Math Group.

Like other movements that focus on a specific community, such as the Black Lives Matter movement or the Me Too movement, Women’s Day is also disturbing to some people who question its purpose, reasoning and “fairness.” “About respecting women only, not everyone. . s. Furthermore, even within the women’s community, there is often a reluctance to be defined so sharply by gender rather than professional skills, something women have long struggled with.

The answer to these problems, according to Gill, is simple: positive discrimination brings visibility, which in turn brings change. “It’s good to celebrate s, whether it’s men or women. Since there is a huge difference in the percentage of men and women, not only in India but all over the world today, we need to give visible support to the women on board . possible,” she says.

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She continues: “Real equality for women in the workplace would be ideal both as employees and employers. However, until that time comes, special attention and measures must be taken to encourage more women to start themselves or excel in their careers. more and more young women will see how femininity is celebrated, it will give them the hope and inspiration they need to one day be themselves or to be at the top of their career.” You can’t be who you can’t see, Gill rightly points out.

Recognition and celebration, however powerful, can only do so much, especially if they remain symbolic tactics. To extend Women’s Day learning from just 24 hours to the rest of the year, companies need to establish the right positive affirmative action policies in hiring and administrative practices. For example, startups like Swiggy, Byju’s and Zomato have recently introduced menstrual pads to de-stigmatize and bring attention to the seriousness of menstrual pain which is not only for the general society but even doctors, despite several studies. advocates care, concern and compassion for all menstruating women regardless of gender.

“As a responsible organization, we understand that women’s participation in the workforce is critical to India’s economic stability. Therefore, we are going further to adopt women-friendly HR policies to increase their commitment by offering them extended maternity benefits and medical coverage. We also recognize that efforts targeting women can go a long way in addressing their issues and making them part of the mainstream without fear or hesitation,” says Dr. Garima Sawhney, co-founder Pristin Care..

Finance Business Ideas In Telugu

“In our organisation, we ensure that there is an equal number of CVs between both genders for each job opportunity and then it’s about skills and experience. I strongly believe that it should not be dealt with women differently, but they should be treated equally,” said Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of Mamaearth.

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At a time when queer activity is on the rise around the world, companies are learning not only to adopt LGBTQIA+ friendly policies, but also to broaden their horizons regarding the concept of ” feminism” in treating trans women and non-binaries with compassion and flexibility. Although there is still no consensus in society at large between essentialist and nonessentialist approaches to feminism, with the latter referring to gender and even biological sex as ‘construction’, new ideas that will challenge their normal views of the world.

“I think it’s important to move with the times and be more accepting of new lifestyles and identities. Although there is a school of thought that defines sex strictly in terms of biology, the physical, psychological and emotional aspects should not be neglected. Although I have yet to work directly with a person who identifies as trans or non-binary, if I meet a professional who identifies as he, she, or they, I will of course respect the identity that has been chosen and we look forward to doing a good job. work with them,” Gill explained.

Since the corporate world is largely dominated by men in various professional roles, it is inevitable that women in the workforce, especially women, face challenges on a daily basis. “I was up against it when we started our journey with Mamaearth. One example I remember was when I had to connect with vendors and suppliers. Because it was a male business, it was a challenge to build a relationship with them. It was difficult, we are able to build long-term relationships with our vendors and suppliers,” said Alagh.

According to Smita Deorah, co-founder of LEAD, the lack of family support for women is another factor that negatively affects their professional contributions: “Some of the challenges women face in the workforce today are across all sectors including that they do not have enough support. from women, their parents or spouses towards their careers and dealing with a disproportionate share of household and childcare responsibilities.”

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She, however, sees positive change emerging recently. “There has been a huge change in the last decade, with more women finding ways to balance their personal and professional lives, and more people adding childcare responsibilities. It’s a promising move and I hope that Women’s Boat Day and the ensuing discussions about diversity on board will encourage more women in our country to step forward and play a bigger role in nation building,” explained Deorah.

In fact, supportive family members who value the female vessel have empowered Indian women to build towering business empires, such as the popular e-commerce platform Nykaa which has been founded by mother-daughter duo Falguni and Adwaita Nayar almost a decade ago. Nayar junior is one of the most prominent women in India today and finds her greatest inspiration in her mother, Falguni Nayar, former managing director of the Kotak Mahindra Group.

“Mum is my all time favorite, she is the ultimate risk taker and I love her passion for life. After a long and successful career as an investment banker, she quit her job to try something new. I was excited by the sight. follow his footsteps and join Nykaa,” says Adwaita Nayar. His story shows the power of inspiration. Indeed, this is what Women’s Boat Day is all about.

Finance Business Ideas In Telugu

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In 2009, the parents of IIT Delhi alumnus Deepinder Goyal, 29, were anxious to see their son working for him. After a few days, they started to worry. His “worst fears” were confirmed when Goyal revealed that he had quit his cushy role as a men’s adviser to Bain ≈ Co to create a website for gastronomy: His parents were worried and advised Goyal to return to “work”. But the company he founded, now called, received $2.3 million (roughly Rs. 12.3 million) in funding in 2011, breaking even with an estimated mining revenue of 3.5 crores of rupees in 2012 and has even expanded to West Asia and Europe. “They are very happy and proud now,” says Goyal.

Like Goyal, almost all aspiring entrepreneurs find their leap into entrepreneurship fraught with difficulties.

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