Dynamics 365 Business Central Tips And Tricks

By | May 7, 2023
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Dynamics 365 Business Central Tips And Tricks – Hello there! Welcome to TMC’s demo for Dynamics 365 Business Center, which explores the capabilities of Business Central for key tasks in your organization.

If you can’t find the demo you’re looking for, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to make it happen. In this video, we look at some of the built-in help and efficiency of Dynamics 365 Business Central. We call them tips and tricks. My name is John Hoyt, Solutions Specialist at TMC, let’s get started.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Tips And Tricks

Dynamics 365 Business Central Tips And Tricks

Let’s see how it works. So we’ll start with the home page and some real basics. Help Key –  the question mark in the top right corner is where it comes in, but like most products, help is always needed. If you simply press F1 on your keyboard, it will open a help menu for you. Now we’re context sensitive so it knows what page I’m on. This takes me directly to that part of the help menu – the very useful F1 control for help. Just press F5 to refresh the page you are on. Activate key 5 on your keyboard and it will refresh everything for you and if you’re sure you have a certain task or function or report in Business Central but can’t remember where it lives. The role explorer can always be opened by holding down shift and then F12, and this will take you to a screen where you can see everything your security profile can do and go directly to that specific task or action.

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From this role explorer perspective, sometimes I’ll go back to my home page, maybe I’m working on a list, maybe I’m working on my client for some reason and I need to create a new client file. A new post is just alt and end on your keyboard. I am here to generate new business for a client. The next available number gets ticked for me of course, but I want to leave a note to share the information with my colleagues, I can do that with alt and O, now I can enter my new note, share. ok ok say autosave. Of course I can just go back to the customer list, maybe I can move on to the next project before going back to my home page, maybe it works with something like my sales invoices, so I can go to the sales list. for invoices and other data that I notice. I want to access the fact boxes. The parts around the information related to this post. I can do this by pressing alt and f2 on my keyboard, which will bring up the fact fields when I know the information I need. Alt f2 closes again, which is just a popup or closes the fact bar on the left to the right. I can also change the type of focus on the page from narrow view to wide view and back to narrow view again with the F12 narrow view control, the F12 control takes me back to the wide view of things.

Now, I’m going to quickly go back to my home page and we talked about opening the search function earlier, which is alt queue. Now that there are some special things about search, we need to understand ways to make search a little more efficient. I can of course start typing any word or any phrase or even part of a sentence and the search will direct me to the appropriate Business Central interface. If I put a proper capital letter or all capital letters or an ax symbol at the beginning of a word, if I want the search to be case free instead of finding it at the beginning of the word, I want you to be Case Insensitive for this function when I say the search function. Ignore the cases when searching for these, so it will be an ampersand, you also have the option to use a question mark inside the search function, which we mostly use as a wildcard or placeholder.

I’m not sure about the spelling of something, so I can put that question mark where I’m in doubt and then the search will use it again as a wildcard. And finally, I want to pull something like my account statement, and with all the lists we can have filters, and I’m going to open the filter panel here and some things when I’m filtering. I can choose to filter the list by different things, maybe I want to filter by the name field. Let’s say if I enter multiple values ​​or multiple characters here, the search will let me find it anywhere. I can add a single

Quotes around these values ​​and this requires an exact character match in my search. So, single quote at the beginning, single quote at the end, and now when I filter, it finds exactly this value. You can use what we call an unknown unknown character, which is done using an asterisk in my filter, which means find it wherever you find it within that value, and we’re going to be case sensitive. When we’re searching, if I’m looking for values ​​or something numeric like that, I can tell you that I want to search for anything but a specific value, and I can use the arrow keys to do a non-equivalent search. In all my positions, but I wouldn’t do this search, just show me things that are greater than zero or not equal to zero.

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So some basic filtering tips, and then of course once you’ve created filters, you can save those filters, you can use them over and over again, and then we’ll start calling them views, and within those views, you always have access. bring them up every time.

So, in this video, we’ve looked at some basic shortcuts that will allow you to spend less time with the mouse, which is the efficiency that Business Central is so famous for, we’ve looked at shortcuts for some common functions in BC lists. We talked about how you can use special characters in the search menu or when searching lists, and how you can perform some special characters and special operations when filtering within those lists, then save and reuse the filtered screens. with time. This concludes the video, if you have any questions or want to make a suggestion about what to show in the next video, please leave a comment below. I will do my best to respond to your comments and if you need immediate technical support I encourage you to visit our website at www. . Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel. Good luck! An email was just sent to confirm your subscription. Find your email now and click “Confirm Subscription” to start your subscription.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Tips And Tricks

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