Business Plan For Youth Hostel

Business Plan For Youth Hostel – Young people are always looking for suitable youth hostels at a good price. 32% of young travelers prefer to stay in a hotel, but with the cost of youth travel increasing by 9% compared to 3% of overall tourism each year. And with the constant need to cut costs, the craze for these types of cheap hostels is growing.

You always find tough competition in youth hostel offers, especially in the tourist season, so you have to study the market well and set the goal of creating a hostel when it is general or dedicated to young people. And you offer attractive, economical prices and a wide choice of location, and you take care of the needs of young people in the hostel to attract the target population, to find the advantages to encourage them to these hostels instead of hotels, because that’s how they see it. type of housing opportunity to live a unique experience in a society with different nationalities and establish relationships with new characters and spend a fun time with friends from different countries.

Business Plan For Youth Hostel

Business Plan For Youth Hostel

To ensure the success of your business, you need business sense and control accounts! My passion for traveling a little more than that can be of use to you. This is the center of interest of your customers that allows you to understand their mood and anticipate their desires. So take out like other nearby stands this passion. Also, be tolerant. By opening your youth hostel, you will bring a lasting mechanism of cultures, religions and nationalities. It is important to consider cultural and religious sensitivities when decorating or designing your hostel.

How Increasingly Upscale Hostels Are Changing Their Grungy Image

It is essential that you always look, especially if the location of your hostel is in a tourist area, where about festivals or specific events are your only potential customers. Enjoy these right moments for your advertising! To maintain the hostel, they can sell their products to attract tourists more than ever one of the essential attributes.

Competition competitors to stand out from others to fly and attract customers, this is essential. For this reason, each competitor is interested in some of the other aspects, such as excellence in a good choice of modern decoration and interior design ideas and comfortable facilities and some entertainment for young people, and other interested by offering special food such as breakfast or offering internet. .

It should not be based on imagination and creativity depending on the proposal to duplicate the maximum services at unforgettable prices all the competition and attract more customers. Then you should make sure that the right thoughts instead, and your target customers. For example, young people will appreciate that the bar closes later, but they must not disturb other customers, even with noise.

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Hostelling International Usa

The created price differs from the hostel, more or less according to the chosen place. For all types of hotels, costs related to rent, building permits, insurance, a family are the most important. Between €12,500 and €25,000, you can open a basic, no-frills hostel to cater to travelers in general. Choose high quality instead of an average initial investment of 60,000 euros.: Organization model

Trust and reputation are the key components when it comes to work hostels. Sometimes it can reduce the prices charged by surprise and create an atmosphere of uncertainty about the proposed presentation. Suspicious customers are probably looking for peace of mind before booking! This must be for your reputable hostels.

Following these tips and the setting you’ve chosen for your youth hostel, there are additional costs to consider. Therefore, a business plan is essential before launching your youth hostel.

Business Plan For Youth Hostel

The cookie settings on this website are set to “allow cookies” to give you the best possible browsing experience. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings, or if you click “Accept” below, you agree to this. Checking into the Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv in the spring of 2017 at the end of a family trip to Israel, Amy Friedman’s two teenagers. The daughters checked out the bare bones room that slept four for about $130 and asked if the trip had ended with a bang instead of a bang.

The Backpacker’s Guide To The Best Hostels In Nice (2023)

“It took about four hours to fall in love,” said Ms. Friedman, a television executive who lives in Montclair, NJ. Looking around the common areas, the girls found a rooftop art exhibit, swings in the living room, ping pong, and “lots of young travelers so they could project what traveling would be like when they grow up. We wanted to help the girls to form the trip they can afford.

Barely furnished, community-focused, and very affordable hostels, which traditionally offer shared bathrooms and dorm-like rooms that could house dozens of strangers, are often associated with student travel. But hostels have evolved to attract couples and especially families by offering private rooms, often with multiple beds and private bathrooms.

In the United States, a number of new-wave hostels with family rooms and hotel facilities have recently opened, such as those run by the London-based Generator group. Hybrid hotels such as the Freehand brand in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York have adopted the model to offer rooms that can accommodate up to six people traveling together. In 2020, Berlin’s Meininger hybrid hotel plans to open its first US outpost in Washington, DC, with 616 beds and 154 rooms.

“Traditional hotels have not done a good job of serving families in big cities,” said Rainer Jenss, president of the Family Travel Association. “The biggest advantage of hostels is access to local communities, both in terms of location – they’re usually central, close to public transport – and the concierge experience built into the area. And it’s a great way to ‘get ideas from other travellers. get.

Interlaken Youth Hostel Interlaken 2* (switzerland)

According to Hostelling International USA, a nonprofit organization that operates 50 hostels, hosteling began in Germany in 1909. Alarmed by the impact of the Industrial Revolution on student health, an elementary school teacher named Richard Shirrmann started trips weekends in the country organized with overnight stays. in local school buildings. Permanent hostels grew to more than 2,000 nationally by 1932, and in 1934 the first youth hostel in the United States opened in Northfield, Massachusetts.

Today, HI USA operates primarily in major cities and plans to open a new hostel in New Orleans this summer. The company said it doesn’t track the demographics of its 1.15 million annual overnight stays, but families are welcome even if the target traveler is 18 to 30 years old.

“Families are an important and growing demographic,” said Chad Fish, owner of Denver’s independent Hostel Fish, which is working to expand to Chicago and Los Angeles. “That’s why we’re adjusting the floor plan and layout in the upcoming locations to have more family rooms.”

Business Plan For Youth Hostel

Denver’s Fish Hostel, whose owner Chad Fish says there is demand for family rooms. Credit… Brent Andeck

New Hostel Provides More Affordable Lodging In Hub

Most family travel is driven by saving money and the desire to stay together. According to travel data company STR, the average daily rate for a hotel room in the United States in 2018 was about $130, meaning that a family of four, if you have to take two bedrooms, you’ll end up paying $260 or more. per night

“Booking two rooms for two parents and two children defeats the purpose of the family trip to be together,” said Santiago Leon, general manager of Chicago’s 89-room Robey Hotel. When it opened in 2016, 20 of these rooms had more than two beds and were sold as dormitories, but during the year they were converted to private rooms mainly at the request of families, who represent between 30 and 40 percent of guests. Known as Annex Lofts, the rooms sleep up to five people and start at $160.

Shared homes like Airbnb similarly fulfill the need for togetherness, but many may lack the social interaction that is at the core of staying in a hostel.

“What makes a hostel a hostel is the focus on bringing people together in a shared experience,” said Netanya Trimboli, spokeswoman for HI USA, which offers family rooms from $77 a night on Cape Cod and $106 in Montana, California. the grounds of a 19th century lighthouse 25 kilometers south of San Francisco.

Belfast International Youth Hostel

On a practical level, most hostels have shared kitchens with cooking facilities that can save more money and serve up fussy meals.

The pool at Generator Miami, which opened last year on an ocean island, has four family-friendly rooms. Credit… Generator Miami

Many hostels build community through free events. HI Houston, for example, offers weekly museum tours and nacho nights.

Business Plan For Youth Hostel

“Hostels often have access to discounts and deals for things happening in the cities,” said Mr. Jens. “The accommodation would be very attractive to a family interested in immersing themselves in local cultures.”

Sokolska Youth Hostel, Prague

Generator, which has 13 locations in Europe, says 15 to 18 percent of its business is annual family traffic and has turned over its room inventory.

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