Business Intelligence For Dummies By Swain Scheps

Business Intelligence For Dummies By Swain Scheps – Summary of the book Data mining and optimization for decision making: The author of this volume has summarized and prepared information on this topic that you have to look for otherwise in the widely distributed technical literature. Mathematical models and methods of analysis are presented in an easy-to-understand way and explained with practical examples and case studies. Back Cover Business Intelligence is a broad category of applications and technologies used to collect, share and analyze data to help business users make better business decisions. This term implies having a comprehensive knowledge of all the factors affecting the company, such as customers, competitors, business partners, economic environment and internal operations, which makes it possible to make optimal decisions. Business Intelligence provides readers with an introduction and practical guide to the mathematical models and analysis methods relevant to Business Intelligence. This book: Combines a detailed overview with a practical guide to mathematical models and methods for business intelligence analysis. It covers all hot topics such as data warehousing, data mining and its applications, machine learning, classification, supply optimization models, decision support systems and analytical performance evaluation methods. It is accessible to readers by carefully defining and introducing each concept, followed by extensive use of examples and numerous real-life case studies. It explains how to use mathematical models and analytical models to make effective and high-quality business decisions. This book is intended for postgraduate students taking courses in data analysis and data mining. For researchers looking for a systematic and broad coverage of topics in operations research and mathematical models for decision making, they will find this guide invaluable. About the author Carlo Vercellis – School of Management, Politecnico di Milano, Italy In addition to teaching courses in Operations Research and Business Intelligence, Professor Vercellis is the director of the MOLD research group (mathematical modeling, optimization, data-based learning). He wrote four books in Italian, contributed to many other books and published many articles in various international journals.

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Business Intelligence For Dummies By Swain Scheps

Business Intelligence For Dummies By Swain Scheps

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