Business English Beginners Lesson Plan

Business English Beginners Lesson Plan – We created this first business lesson plan to help other teachers prepare with their students before their first lesson. The worksheet includes new group and individual activities that we have used successfully with our first graders. However, we have added some video-based tasks to this lesson plan to not only test your students’ speaking skills and vocabulary, but also their listening skills.

We started our first Business English lesson plan with some enthusiasm to speak of. Yes, of course you can start with all the technical/administrative arrangements, find out the needs and expectations of the students, set goals together, even create contracts in the classroom, but then you get down to business 🙂

Business English Beginners Lesson Plan

Business English Beginners Lesson Plan

So the first warm-up task is designed for you as a teacher to get to know your new students, and the second is for your students to get to know you as a new teacher. We believe that students also know their teachers. Obviously, this is the perfect time for you to practice asking questions and see if they are good.

Esl Business English Lesson Plans

In the first task, students have to draw a card from a deck and talk about the topic for about 30 seconds. After that time, other students (or if you’re taking a one-on-one class) should ask some follow-up questions. In the second task, you have to write on the board some words and sentences about your work, personal life, hobbies, etc. Students should ask questions related to specific words on the board. So if you write

If it’s a good guess, you can tell them more about that part of your life if you have time. This way you will definitely break the ice and get to know each other?

This is the first business English lesson, so let’s look at tasks that will tell your students more about work-related issues. In Ex.2, students have several sentences. Your task is to complete them with the correct words. Then, in the next exercise they have to write questions with some of the sentences from the previous task. These include phrases like:

, etc. After writing 5 questions, students work in pairs and ask and answer them to find out more about the other students in the group.

Icebreakers For The First Day Of Class

In the first lesson with new students, we want to test their listening skills a little. This first business English lesson includes a short video with 6 tips on balancing work and family life. Students must watch the video and summarize the 3 instructions for the other part. To make it more interesting, the students have some words and expressions to use when summarizing an offer to their partner. The lesson plan concludes with some discussion points related to the ideas presented in the video. It’s a good idea to do this as an open discussion.

OK, so this is our first Business English course for your B1-B2 students. what about you What do you do in the first class with the new students? Share in the comments below!

In this project course, students will watch video clips, talk about their project experiences, and discuss different project management issues.

Business English Beginners Lesson Plan

In this lesson on hating work, students will explain why and discuss some tips. Students also work with vocabulary and watch videos.

Easy To Edit Lesson Plan Examples [+ Writing Tips]

In this course, students will watch a video about brainstorming techniques, learn English phrases for making suggestions, and practice brainstorming vocabulary.

In this lesson about boarding, students discuss their experiences, watch a video, and practice modal verbs (can, can, can’t). They also read the dialogue and the role play.

In this business English conversation class, students discuss a high-level skill, watch a video, and talk about the ideas covered in it. They will also discuss skills.

In this lesson on office visits, students will watch a video about the LinkedIn office, learn some phrases as modal verbs, and take two office visits.

How To Present A Lesson Plan

In this lesson on mentoring, students will discuss the mentor-mentee relationship, define what successful mentoring is, and watch a video about it. Students also serve to discuss work problems and exchange advice.

In this course, students will watch a video about writing a CV in English, look closely at a sample CV and write part of their CV.

In this business English class, students watched a video about the future of brick-and-mortar retail and discussed shopping trends.

Business English Beginners Lesson Plan

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Business English Lesson Plans

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You can download an editable version of the e-lesson plan and make changes to it. To do this, either (1) copy it to Google Drive (preferred method) or (2) download it as Powerpoint (but the format may be a little off, so we can’t guarantee it will work well).

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Before you start designing your Business English lessons, here are some tips to consider when researching this specific ELT course:

Consider these additional strategies when planning your overall curriculum, as well as your individual lesson plans, for a Certificate in English as a Professional Teacher:

This free business English lesson plan is ideal for professional students with low English proficiency. They can be used in face-to-face and online classes.

Business English Beginners Lesson Plan

Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to describe different types of businesses and say what products or services each makes or provides.

The Essential Guide To Online Lesson Planning

T stands for different logos of different companies and students say the name and nationality of each company.

T displays a list of company terms and images (financial, automotive, etc.). S have to match the words with the pictures and name the specific companies of the different companies.

The column contains a mixture of companies that sell products (cars, clothes, etc.) and companies that provide services (telegraphs, flights, etc.). The second column contains the verbs: produce, make, provide and provide. The third column contains words about products and services such as clothes, cars and the Internet.

S has to make different sentences using different combinations of the words in the three columns. T check if the verbs are used correctly.

Me, My Work And I

S think of five companies you know and write a description of each using the verbs you learnt.

T tells S that they should talk about their company by describing what they are and the product or service they offer.

Lesson objectives: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to make requests and request information at the hotel.

Business English Beginners Lesson Plan

Words related to business travel should start with a letter of the alphabet (eg A-flight, B-booking, etc.). S has three minutes to write as many words as possible. T then asks each student to read the words from their list. Win the S with the most words.

Absolute Beginner English: 20 Point Program

T asks students if they have traveled for work or if they know someone who has taken a business trip. T may add follow-up questions about business travel and accommodations of students’ choice.

T then tells S that they will listen to a conversation between a business traveler and a hotel receptionist. Before the listening activity, teach the listening vocabulary beforehand. After listening to the conversation, T asks what the visitor’s request is.

T write

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