Business Central Tips And Tricks

Business Central Tips And Tricks – In this three-part blog and video series, We will share some tips and tricks in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Searching and accessing data is very easy to use in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The video below shows how to find and enter data in a variety of ways, using a sales receipt and journal entry as our examples.

Business Central Tips And Tricks

Business Central Tips And Tricks

If you have a report that runs regularly and don’t want to run it manually every time. Scheduling reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central is useful. The video below shows how to schedule the first report of each month.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Tips And Tricks: Queue Tips

If there are other types of functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central that interest you, Feel free to contact us.

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Tips And Tricks

By continuing to use this website; In order to get the best possible experience on our website, you agree to allow cookies. Read our privacy policy to learn more. Welcome to TMC’s “How To” demo series, which explores Business Central’s features for basic tasks in your organization.

If you can’t find the demo you’re looking for, Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to make it happen. In this video, We’ll review some of the support and efficiencies in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Let’s call them tips and tricks. My name is John Hoyt. Solutions Specialist for TMC, Let’s get started.

Let’s see how this works. So let’s start with the home page and some real basics. Help key – the question mark in the upper right corner will be there; But like many products, anytime you need help. If you control F1 on your keyboard. This will open the help menu for you. Now we’re context sensitive so I know what page I’m on. It will take me directly to that part of the help menu which is the very useful F1 control for help. You can press F5 to refresh the page you are on. You’ll have 5 function keys on your keyboard and it’ll refresh everything for you, so you can have a specific task or action or report in Business Central but don’t remember exactly where it lives. You can always open your role finder by pressing the F12 key and it will see everything you are allowed to do in your security profile and navigate directly to that task or action.

Business Central Tips And Tricks

Here, from the searcher view of this role. In some cases I might be working with a list, but for some reason I’m working with my customers and need to create a new customer record. Well alt is just the new record and end key on my keyboard. Here we will create a new business for business customers. The next available number will get me a sign. But I wanted to put in a note to share some information with my colleagues and I was able to do that with alt and letter O and now I can put my new note, Now you can share it with everyone. say ok auto save Of course, I can go back to the customer list; maybe I can go all the way back to my home page to continue on to the next task, like my sales receipts, where I can work with something like my sales invoice. So I can go to the invoice sales list. I’m focused on any record. I want access to info boxes. Information related to that record. By pressing the alt and f2 key on my keyboard it will open the fact fields after I know the information I need. Alt f2 will turn them off again; Just toggle the info box on the right on or off. The type of focus on the page can be changed from narrow view to wide view, which the F12 control will do with narrow view. The F12 control takes me back to the wide view. things.

Advantages Of Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central

Now I’m going to quickly go back to my home page and earlier we talked about enabling the search function which is the alt cue. Now there are a few specific things we need to understand in order to make searching a little more efficient. Now I can start entering any word or any phrase or part of a phrase and the search will direct me to the appropriate port of the Central Business system. If I want my search to be case sensitive, instead of looking for the correct uppercase or lowercase letters, if I put an ampersa symbol in the ax at the beginning of a letter. In describing the m search function, we do not want attention to be trivial for this function. Ignore events when you search for these things; So it’s the ampersand symbol, We also have the ability inside the function to search for a question mark, which we use primarily as a wild card or placeholder.

I’m not sure how to spell something, so I put that question mark wherever I’m in doubt, and the search uses that as a wild card again and takes it from there. Finally, I want to build like when I have the ability to filter all of my chart of accounts and lists and open up this filter panel here and filter some things. I may choose to filter the list by various items, but I may want to filter by the name field. If you put some value here or search for two characters it will find as many as possible. Can be included in a single set.

Values ​​and related references that will require the exact characters that match my search. So a quote at the beginning of a quote at the end of a quote Now when I filter I’m going to find that value. Using an asterisk in my filter lets us use an unspecified character and says look for it wherever it’s found within this value so we can be case sensitive. When we’re searching, if we’re looking at something like values ​​or numbers, we can say we want to search for everything but a specific value, and use the arrow keys to make it unequal. I search through all my balances, but I won’t show your search for anything greater than zero or non-zero of that nature.

So once you’ve created some basic filter recommendations, you can save those filters and reuse them over and over again, referencing them as a view, and start within views that you can always access. Bring it all the time.

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That’s why Business Central looks at some shortcuts for some common actions within BC lists, so in this video we’ve covered some basic keyboard shortcuts that will save you more time with the mouse. We talked about how you can use special characters when you search, either in the search menu or within lists, and how you can perform special actions with special characters when you filter within those lists, save views that filter them, and reuse them over time. . If you have any questions or want to suggest what we should include in the next video, please comment below to conclude this video. I will do my best to answer your comments as much as possible and if you need any technical support, please visit our website www.

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