Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks

By | May 2, 2023
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Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks – Now a popular iOS and Android hit, BitLife lets you manage your character’s life with text.

Aging them once a year; their happiness; Health Intelligence and appearance can be studied; You can find out how to make money and spend your life and more. You can make them famous and become social media stars.

Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks

Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks

One of the biggest attractions of the game is how well the developers communicate with the fans. Several updates loaded with new features reflect this. Therefore, We will update this article to keep up with the new features of this game.

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It’s one thing to know how to make money early in the game. If you don’t borrow money from your parents early, you won’t be able to earn money. Parents with more money will give you more; But if their willingness is low, they won’t.

Thanks to a few updates, you can now work part-time or part-time jobs to earn money even before graduating high school. I am sure, You always have to be aware of your stress level so you don’t get stressed.

After finishing high school (age varies by country); You can find a job or go to college. Once you’re in college, you can work part-time or freelance until you graduate.

In general, the longer you go to college, the The more money you make, However, The main exception to this rule is when entering the entertainment industry. singer actor Director Or if you want to do some other art, it’s best to go to college. And the income cap is endless.

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There are many ways to earn money without a job. One is to buy real estate. hold,/or buy; sell. Prices go up every year, so hold off until you feel profitable enough to sell your home. Real estate is a way to get rich quick even if you don’t work.

Dirty money is possible, although the risks are high and the rewards are low. Stealing and selling an expensive car can cost you a fortune every once in a while. It is also good to take the “package” with you when you offer to rob someone or in successful cases.

And gambling helps. If you’re lucky enough to win the lottery, playing the lottery is a great way to make some quick cash.

Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks

Gambling is also in your favor: all you have to do is win. A horse race is a one-way street – it’s all about luck.

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Blackjack can be played in casinos. This is based on talent and luck. Your best bet is to hit at least 17 and stop. Often your competitors will beat you and win prizes.

Stress is one of the new features in Bitlife – at least compared to the rest of the game. the work, school, part time job, Your role as a freelancer will now be taken seriously.

You can manage stress in this game and managing stress is very important. If your stress levels are out of whack; Your character may start experiencing health problems, including problems like high blood pressure and death.

To prevent stress and reduce stress when it occurs; All you have to do is clear your schedule a bit. If school takes on too many part-time jobs, quit working two jobs or freelancing. If you declutter your schedule, you’ll be less stressed.

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You have your health, happiness to manage intelligence and appearance; To you the healthiest, the happiest There are various activities that help you maintain the smoothest and most intelligent attitude.

The easiest way to solve these problems is to go to the gym and the library and meditate (under the mind and body tab) and parent, children Siblings Spending time with your spouse/partner and other people you are in a relationship with.

Be aware of life events that can have a major impact on your personality. If a spouse or child dies, your happiness is gone. If you get into a serious car accident, your life, your car Or you could lose all your stats.

Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks

Going to the gym meditation going to the library going to the movies loved ones Spending time with your pets is what you must do to regain your happiness and health. Your intelligence and appearance are generally not affected by such life events.

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Everything you do in the game has some effect and consequence. for example, If you’re an immigrant and an adult, they won’t be able to come with you, so you won’t be able to spend time with them unless you’ve moved to your home country.

If you don’t spend enough time with people, relationships will suffer. Hooking up or sleeping around or trying drugs can get you pregnant or addicted. Buy a house that’s too expensive or take out too many college loans and you could be broke.

When buying a home, don’t buy a place where maintenance and mortgage costs go up too fast each year. Stay productive.

One easy way is to enlist; But even if you enlist to E-9 (Brigadier General, Chief of Staff, etc.) You don’t get paid up to a certain point. More.

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If you have a hard time getting a degree and finding a job in your field, remember the military option. Or if you make some bad decisions early on that don’t get you a good job, the military can give you stability.

If you have a four-year degree, you can apply to the four branches to become an officer and have a chance to earn a very high salary.

You can leave the military by requesting a resignation at retirement age (age 20 or older). If you want to go AWOL, the only way to get addicted is to go to rehab without asking to be released first.

Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks

By serving in the military and eventually retiring (you can get a pension), you can build up substantial savings by attending grad school or pursuing a career elsewhere. It’s not like double-checking at a young age.

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Cars and real estate are your main assets. Cars don’t come at a huge cost, so you can drive something expensive and go far. However, they are always depreciating, so don’t expect them to retain actual home value.

Be careful about buying a house that is too expensive. Look at not just the mortgage, but the fees.

If you buy too many houses, your bank account will decrease year after year along with your salary, so if this happens, sell the house and buy something cheaper.

After a while, This will get boring and you will want to try something more adventurous. Make sure you can handle the consequences before you do.

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For example, If you are trying to propose a threesome with your spouse, Make sure your relationship is strong enough to handle if he or she rejects you.

Participation on social media includes sharing the game; You can use it to post your progress in the game. Once you register on social media, you slowly build up your followers. to some extent The more content you post, the more followers

A good bet is to post 3-5 times a year. In addition, It has diminishing returns. your appearance Health Increase intelligence and happiness and your followers will grow.

Bitlife Business Tips And Tricks

Surprisingly, going to the gym year after year doesn’t improve your looks much, but going for plastic surgery does. If your character’s appearance rating is close to zero. This is one of the few ways to improve their appearance, but it also runs the risk of getting it wrong and reducing your inventory. If something goes horribly wrong, it can kill you.

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Another way is to keep them old. Usually, their appearance improves rapidly with age. Other times, it doesn’t improve much. It depends on the type of karma.

You will have various instances come up over time, and some solutions are more dangerous than others. If someone offends you or your spouse or other family members, you can either ignore/forgive them or insult or attack them.

If you hit someone even if it’s justified, you will go to jail or be prepared to go to jail. If you lock it, it will disappear.