Birthday Wishes During The Pandemic

By | May 5, 2023
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Birthday Wishes During The Pandemic – Happy Birthday changes the lives of homeless children and their families by bringing the joy of birthdays. Birthday parties are an opportunity for reflection, celebration and hope. This is a normal occurrence in the lives of most families, but families with children experiencing homelessness can find it difficult to maintain their routines and rituals. Birthday wishes ensure that children are not deprived of this important function because of their life situation.

We offer two types of party programs: Our Local Program* hosts monthly parties at the shelters we serve and celebrates the birthdays of all children ages 1-18 that month. Our Birthday in a Box program provides a party box and birthday gifts to children and their families living in domestic violence safe shelters, hotels and drop-in locations to celebrate their special day.

Birthday Wishes During The Pandemic

Birthday Wishes During The Pandemic

*During the pandemic, our on-site program has been suspended to ensure the safety of the families we serve and our volunteers and shelter staff. All our shelters have switched to our Birthday in a Box program so every child can celebrate.

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Happy Birthday’s mission is to improve and empower homeless children and their families by bringing joy, play and hope through the magic of birthdays.

Our goal is to ensure that homesick children have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with joy, surrounded by family, friends and others. When it comes to the birthday of a loved one, it is difficult to dream of a sweet text. Best wishes for their special day that doesn’t feel incognito. But don’t give up: birthdays are for reflection, self-respect, fun with friends and family, or even

Spend time alone. No matter how a person celebrates your life, they’ll appreciate knowing you were thinking of them…even if you had a little help with your message. Aretha Franklin, Dr. Consider adding one of these birthday quotes from famous people like Seuss.

“The whole world’s a birthday cake, so take a slice, but don’t overdo it,” wrote Harrison in the lyrics of The Beatles’ It’s All Too Much.

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In 1952 At the Democratic National Convention, Stevenson said, “It’s not how many years you have in your life that matters to you, but how much life you have in your years.”

“It’s amazing to know you’re getting older because it means you’re still on this planet, right? Horn said

“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve lived,” L’Ingle said.

Birthday Wishes During The Pandemic

“Happy birthday to you. You’re still young. Age is just a number. It’s your day,” New Kids on the Block sang on “Happy Birthday.”

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“Each year should teach you something valuable; it’s up to you to learn the lesson. Each year brings you closer to expressing your whole healed self,” Winfrey wrote.

“You are you today, and that’s truer than true.” There is no one more alive than you,” Dr. Seuss wrote in his book

“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age,” Ball said on I Love Lucy.

“It’s your birthday. We party like it’s your birthday. We drink Bacardi like it’s your birthday,” sang 50 Cent on his song “In Da Club.”

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“They say it’s your birthday. We’re going to have a good time. I’m glad it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you,” sang The Beatles in the song “Birthday.”

“Aging is out of your control. How you manage is in your hands,” von Furstenberg wrote

“Make a wish. I’ll make every day like your birthday. I’ll be your gift. Give you something good to celebrate,” Perry sang on her 2014 song “Birthday.”

Birthday Wishes During The Pandemic

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